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Overview Of Ting Wireless: Ting is the newest prepaid company to emerge in 2012. We refer to them as Ting Wireless, but officially they are named simply Ting. You might find it easier when using search engines to type "Ting Wireless" because you may end up with Ting confusion and not end up with mobile phone results in the search engine.

Ting is a Tucows company and comes to the mobile phone industry with a different take. They offer some unique qualities like fully customizable prepaid plans. Their focus is on customer care. Don't believe me? Check out their Facebook page and see how quickly they reply to customers. It's actually refreshing and nice to see.

Ting uses the Sprint mobile network. We have more details on coverage with a Ting coverage map further down this page. The offer a great selection of smartphones which features the impressive 4G Samsung Galaxy S II and Motorola Photon 4G. They have more budget friendly smartphones also so don't worry!

If you want to do a price comparison to what you're paying now vs. how much it would cost on Ting, just go to the Ting savings calculator page. You get tethering, mobile hotspots and you can add as many lines as you want (add $6 per line) and pool your minutes, texts, and data without having to switch to a different kind of plan like a family plan.

ting wirelessTing Coverage Map: What you need to know is that Ting uses the Nationwide Sprint Network. As we mention all over this site, ensure that in your area, that data coverage will be available.

What you might like, is the fact that if you go off the Sprint network you can voice roam with no additional fee on another CDMA carrier like Verizon. Take note that data roaming is NOT available. You can read a Ting website discussion about roaming and charges here.

Ting Prepaid Data Plans: Aside from the nifty collection of smartphones, Ting really offers up unique prepaid plans. You need to visit them to understand, but here is how it works. On the Ting website you can pick the amount of voice, text and data you need. The price adjusts accordingly.

ting plans
Screenshot of the Ting plans calculator. Pick your expected usage and see your cost!

Looking at the screenshot above from the Ting website, you can see the highlighted areas. You can slide those highlights to whatever usage you expect to use and the cost of the plan will adjust accordingly. This gives you ultimate freedom when you think about it. You can really knock off some of the price if you lower your text messages and or talk minutes. Heck you're using a smartphone so keeping the 1G (1000MB) data seems most appropriate for most people.

Regardless if you go over or under your set amounts, Ting wireless won't hammer you. If you don't use all your alloted usage, you will get the credit for it in the following month. If you go over, you simply get bumped into the next price range without penalty. It likely best to read their specific prepaid plans policies here or watch this great video below:


Current Pay As You Go Smartphones From Ting:


Samsung Galaxy S II 4G

samsung galaxy s II


Motorola Photon


LG Optimus S

ting pay as you go smartphones


Samsung Transform Ultra


Samsung Conquer

samsung conquer ting wireless


HTC Detail

htc detaail prepaid smartphones



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ting wireless

Current Ting Smartphones:

  • LG Optimus Elite - White
  • Samsung Transform Ultra
  • Samsung Galaxy S II 4G
  • Motorola Photon
  • LG Optimus S
  • Samsung Transform Ultra
  • Samsung Conquer
  • HTC Detail


ting wireless

Ting News Headlines:

August 13, 2012: Get ready for some of the best LTE enabled smartphones coming to Ting! We're talking about the Samsung Galaxy S3. It's on pre order stage now. You will pay $529 for a 16GB model and $579 for a 32GB model.

April 13, 2012: Great news for Ting moving into mid 2012. They will be get 4G LTE coverage! The cities to first get 4G LTE will be Baltimore, Kansas City, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. Ting will be releasing new 4G smartphones to coincide with the new 4G LTE coverage. More details to come soon. For now, you can check out the blog post from Ting and also go to their coverage map page and check the "data" box. The darker orange areas are covered by 4G WiMAX.





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