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Overview: It's now official. Radio Shack No Contract Wireless is live and real and available now! It's a pay as you go MVNO based on Cricket Wireless. They are launching this prepaid service with one smartphone but will be adding a couple more during September. If you sign up for a smartphone plan you will get an 8GB memory card for free.

Radio Shack Mobile Coverage Map: You will get the same coverage as what Cricket Wireless offers. Check out the official coverage map here.

Radio Shack Mobile Pay As You Go Data Plans: Here are the official details. Regarding the prepaid smartphone plans, you have a couple options. Note that both these smartphone plans offer access to Leap's Muve Music service.

$50/month - Unlimited everything except for data. You get 1GB of 3G data with this plan before your speed will be throttled. You cannot tether using this plan.

$60/month - Unlimited everything except for data. You get 2.5GB of 3G data before your speed will be throttled. You CAN tether using this prepaid smartphone plan.

Official Press Release Quote:

Get Your Muve Music on With RadioShack No-Contract Wireless

Available on all RadioShack No-Contract Wireless smartphones is Cricket's Muve Music, the only music service designed specifically for mobile phones. Muve Music offers unlimited full song downloads from a catalog of millions of songs – all included in the wireless plan at no additional cost. The unique music service features fast downloads and high-quality audio for listening to your favorite music on your no-contract smartphone.

RadioShack No-Contract Wireless smartphones are the only Muve Music phones that come bundled with an 8GB SanDisk memory card, allowing consumers to store up to 6,000 songs, as well as pictures and videos, on their device.

Current Smartphones From Radio Shack Mobile:

These are some of the rumored smartphones that will be part of the Radio Shack Mobile line-up

  • HTC One V
  • Huawei Mercury Ice

We have official news now. Radio Shack No Contract Wireless will first carry the Huawei Mercury Ice smartphone. For the next 30 days (until the end of September) it is available exclusively at Radio Shack. It's available right now for $149. Quick specs include: 4-inch screen, 1.4GHz processor, 8MP camera and comes with Android 2.3.

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radio shack mobile


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