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Overview: The prepaid division or arm of AT&T is now known as Aio (pronounced AY-oh) Wireless. Still, AT&T prepaid smartphones are part of their "GoPhone" service. The nice part about Aio Wireless is that on occasion you can save money by buying a refurbished model. With the Go Phone, there is no annual contract and no credit check. With the Go Phone smartphones you have to sign up for a standard Go Phone plan, but you need to also sign up for a data plan. Pay-per-use data services are not available for smartphones.Yes there is special treatment for ATT prepaid smartphone users! AT&T prepaid lineup also includes a HTC Windows Phone and Palm Pixi which is rare in the prepaid smartphone emerging market.

ATT Prepaid Data Plans: Because you're shopping for smartphones, you need data. Yes you could use your smartphone with wifi only, but data is what you will enevitably need.

If you're getting a smartphone with the AT&T Go Phone service, they require you to sign up for a data plan in addition to your Go Phone plan. At the time of writing this page, we can tell you that pricing for Go Phone smartphone data plans on ATT breaks down like this:

  • 10 50 MB Data - $5 per month
  • 100 200 MB Data - $15 per month
  • 500 1 GB Data - $25 per month
  • (note that the data was increased April 18, 2012)

The basic ATT Go Phone plans which you can choose from include the following:

  • $50 per month gets you unlimited nationwide calls, text messages nationwide and to other countries.
  • $25 per month gets you 250 minutes for nationwide calls, unlimited text messages nationwide, $0.25 cents per message sent to Mexico, Canada & 100 countries.


Our thoughts about ATT prepaid plans? Certainly 500 MB of data isn't a lot. You're going to have to use a data usage estimator which can give you a better idea of what you can actually do per month with 500 MB. Don't expect a lot of downloading or watching YouTube videos. However consider the fact that you can connect to wifi whenever available which will save you data usage.

ATT Prepaid Smartphone Coverage Map:

coverage map for att go phone smartphones

The image above gives you an idea of the ATT Go Phone coverage. We recommend that you visit the official AT&T coverage map page which is interactive and you can see the exact coverage in detail for where you are interested in using your smartphone. Check both their "GoPhone" coverage and their "Data" coverage maps! Visit their page here.

Current Available AT&T Prepaid Phones:

AT&T Avail by ZTE

Price: $129


Samsung Galaxy Appeal

Price: $149


Samsung Focus

prepaid windows phone

  • Price: $399 Approx (check official site for updated price)
  • 4-inch Super-Amoled touchscreen
  • 480 x 800 pixel resolution
  • Windows Phone 7 OS
  • 5-megapixel camera with HD 720p video capture
  • 8 GB internal memory
  • microSD memory expansion
  • Wireless-N Wi-F
  • Bluetooth stereo music
  • GPS for navigation
  • Up to 6.5 hours of talk time, up to 300 hours (12.5 days) of standby time
  • weighs 4 ounces
  • Size (LWH): 4.84 inches, 2.56 inches, 0.39 inches
  • What's in the Box: handset, rechargeable battery, charger, USB cable, stereo headset, quick start guide


ATT Avail

att go phone avail

  • Price: $129 Approx (check official site for updated price)
  • Android 2.2 operating system
  • 3.5-inch touchscreen
  • 400x800 pixels
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) 4.5 x 2.28 x 0.56 in
  • 5-MP camera/camcorder
  • Bluetooth stereo music
  • microSD expansion
  • HTML web browser with Flash 10.1
  • Up to 5 hours of talk time, up to 225 hours (9.4 days) of standby time
  • What's in the Box: handset, rechargeable battery, wall charger, charger, 2 GB microSD card, quick start guide, SIM card


ATT Fusion

  • Price: $124 Approx (check official site for updated price)
  • Android 2.3 operating system
  • 600 MHz processor
  • 3.5-inch screen
  • 3.2MP Camera with Video Recorder
  • 2 GB memory microSD card
  • GPS navigation
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
  • Stereo Bluetooth
  • Personal and Corporate e-mail
  • 4.13 ounces
  • 4.57 x 2.38 x 0.47 inches
  • rated at up to 6.6 hours of talk time, and up to 16 days of standby time
  • included in the box: handset, rechargeable battery, wall charger, 2 GB microSD card, quick start guide, SIM card, phone and feature guide



sharp fx plus go phone att

  • Price: $299 Approx (check official site for updated price)
  • Android 2.2 operating system
  • full slide-out QWERTY keyboard
  • 3.2-inch touch display
  • 480 x 320 pixel resolution
  • 3MP camera with 4x zoom
  • talk time up to 3 hours and up to 10 days standby time
  • weight 5.29 ounces
  • 2 GB microSD card included
  • Bluetooth 2.1
  • speakerphone


Pantech Crossover

at&t pantech crossover smartphone

  • Price: $349 Approx (check official site for updated price)
  • Android 2.2 Froyo OS
  • 3.1-inch touchscreen
  • Display: 400x800 pixels
  • slide-out full QWERTY keyboard
  • 600 MHz processor
  • Wireless-N Wi-Fi networking
  • GPS for navigation and location services
  • 3MP camera/camcorder
  • Bluetooth stereo music
  • 2 GB microSD card
  • HTML web browser with Flash support
  • corporate and personal e-mail
  • Up to 5 hours of talk time, up to 360 hours (15 days) of standby time
  • Easy Grip Back Cover
  • Dimensions: 4.5 x 2.28 x 0.56 in


Samsung DoubleTime

att go phone

  • Price: $399 Approx (check official site for updated price)
  • Android 2.2 operating system
  • 3.2-inch screen
  • 320 x 480 resolution
  • weight 5.22 ounces
  • size 4.45 x 2.44 x 0.59
  • 2 GB microSD card included
  • 6 hours of talk time and up to 10 days of standy time


Samsung Captivate

  • Price: $449 Approx (check official site for updated price)
  • 4-inch screen size
  • 480 x 800 resolution
  • up to 5 hours 50 minutes talk time and up to 340 hours standby time
  • weight 4.5 ounces
  • size: 4.18 x 2.5 x 0.39
  • 5 MP camera with auto focus, smile detection and HD video recording


News Updates for AT&T Prepaid Smartphones:

May 16, 2011 - Looking at the pay as you go smartphones from AT&T? We have the updated costs for you. The LG Thrive prepaid smartphone will cost you $179.99 without contract. For the data plans you will need one of the following: $25 for 500MB, $15 for 100MB, or $5 for 10MB.

April 12, 2011 - Today is a huge day for those of us wanting more selection of pay as you go smartphones. When the big companies start with prepaid smartphones then you know there is potential in the market and the other big companies will follow the competition.

Today is just that day we've been waiting for. ATT Go Phone will now have its first smartphone! With this announcement today we are predicting a new wave of impressive prepaid smartphones and announcements from the other carriers. The question you likely have is whether the ATT Go Phone smartphone is a reasonable deal or not. Don't worry, we're getting to those details!

ATT Go Phone: LG Thrive Smartphone

Release Date: April 17, 2011

Price: $179.99

Details: To use data services on the Thrive, a GoPhone smartphone plan and data package are required. GoPhone customers can choose from new data packages with no long-term commitment required.


AT&T Pay As You Go Smartphone

LG Thrive Smartphone

at&t pay as you go phone


Here are some photos of the LG Optimus M
which looks to us like the LG Thrive!

at&t pay as you go phone


att go phone smartphone


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att prepaid smartphones

ATT Prepaid Smartphone
News Updates

  • Aio is going to have their first LTE phone, the ZTE Overture available in July. Not a beast of a smartphone, but its decent and resonably priced. Its going to cost around $150.
  • May 24 - GoPhone now gets 4G support - This is pretty big news because the iPhone is now allowed data via the prepaid service. In the past, 4G phones didn't have access to data when using the AT&T. Full details here.
  • Oct 1 - ATT Go Phone new plan. $65/month for unlimited talk and text along with 1GB of data.
  • May 23 - ATT Go Phone addition. The Samsun Galaxy Appeal will be at Walmart on June 5th for $150. It's Android 2.3 and has a slider qwerty keyboard. It will be available on July 15th at all AT&T distribution channels.
  • A new smartphone addition to the ATT Go Phone lineup. This will make 2 smartphones as part of their pay as you go plans. It's the AT&T Avail. It's manufactured by ZTE, sports a 3.5-inch screen, a 5MP camera and runs the Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system. Pricing and release date to come soon!
  • April 16 - Changes are happening with the ATT GoPhone smartphone users. Essentially what is happening now is that you will have to sign up for a $25 minium plan for data instead of the cheaper options. So the 10 cents per minute or $2 daily plans will not be permitted. Essentially you will be looking at the $25 voice plan. From there, you can either pay 1 penny per 5KB of data (want the nightmare of figuring out your data usage), or decide on one of the data add-on packages. These data add-ons for prepaid smartphone users include the $5 for 10MB, $15 for 15MB or $25 for 500MB.


Summary of Current Prepaid Smartphones:



LG Thrive

ATT First Ever
Prepaid Smartphone

att go phone


Specs of the LG Thrive:

- Android 2.2 platform

- HSDPA 7.2 3G data speeds

- 600MHz application processor

- 3.2” 320 x 480 262k color full-touch display

- Wi-Fi/aGPS capable

- 160MB User Memory w/ microSD storage (up to 32GB)

- 2GB microSD card installed

- 3.2MP Auto-focus camera

- Stereo Bluetooth

- Quad-band GSM / Tri-band 3G (world capable)

- 1500 mAh long-life battery

- Text/Picture and Video Messaging support

- POP3/IMAP/Gmail/EAS email support




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