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Overview: Metro PCS offers a selection of smartphones with a decent selection of plans. Recently T-Mobile bought Metro PCS out which means more phones! No contracts and their coverage is nation wide. Something Metro PCS has over other prepaid providers is that they have a few smartphones on their 4G LTE network. They have Android smartphones including some very budget conscious entry level smartphones. We are seeing more and more Android 4G smartphones from MetroPCS heading into mid 2013.

An exciting feature with Metro PCS 4G LTE is that you can add Mobile Hotspot for $10 per month. So far the following smartphones are available with this service: LG Motion 4G, Coolpad Quattro 4G, and 4G Samsung Galaxy S Lightray 4G. More details are here.

Metro PCS is just launching its voice over LTE or VoLTE capable smartphones. If you're unsure about VoLTE, it gets a bit technical but ultimately it will pave the way for better voice quality.

We've noticed that most of the time, Metro PCS has good discounts of $50 or more off most smartphones. Be patient and you will save some money. If you're looking for one of the most budget friendly smartphones, then check out the Huawei M835 which can be priced as low as $19 with discounts! Remember though it is budget and is very basic in terms of features. None the less it does have Android 2.2 and qualifies as a smartphone.

Prepaid Data Plans: We are going to sort through the data plans for MetroPCS because they are not that easy to understand. With each prepaid plan, there are certain phones that are available. As you might expect, the cheaper plans have the cheaper smartphones. The more expensive plans have the more expensive smartphones. The 4G LTE plan is not expensive but the phones that use that plan are the most expensive.

Update: See the new Metro PC data plan details for 2013 here.

MetroPCS is offering a special deal on their 4G LTE plan. You can signup for $55/month and get unlimited data, talk and text. This deal is for a limited time only but if you signup for it, you keep it for as long as you're with MetroPCS.

  • $40 per month 3G - available smartphones include: none currently
  • $45 per month 3G - available smartphones include: none currently
  • $50 per month 3G (Unlimited talk, text, web and email PLUS unlimited instant messaging, MetroNavigator®, Loopt® and more) - available smartphones include: ZTE Score M, Huawei M835, Samsung Admire Red, Samsung Admire, HTC Wildfire S, Huawei M835 tokidoki Edition
  • $60 per month Blackberry Plan (Unlimited talk, text, web and email, specifically designed for BlackBerry smartphones) - available models include: BlackBerry Curve 8530
  • $60 per month with Rhapsody (unlimited access to music Rhapsody music service) - available smartphones include: ZTE Score, Samsung Galaxy Attain 4G, HTC Wildfire S, Huawei M835, Huawei M835 tokidoki Edition, Samsung Admire, Samsung Admire Red, ZTE Score M
  • $40 per month 4G LTE (unlimited talk, text and data. First 250MB of data at 4G LTE then throttled for remainder of plan billing cycle) - available smartphones include: LG Connect 4G, LG Esteem
  • $50 per month 4G LTE (unlimited talk, text, and data. First 2.5GB at 4G LTE then throttled for remainder of plan billing cycle) - available smartphones include: LG Connect 4G, LG Esteem, Samsung Galaxy Attain 4G
  • $55 per month 4G LTE (unlimited talk, text and data) - available smartphone include: LG Connect 4G, LG Esteem
  • $60 per month 4G LTE with Rhapsody (unlimited talk, text, and data. First 5GB at 4G LTE then throttled for remainder of plan billing cycle - plus unlimited multimedia streaming and Rhapsody unlimited music) - available smartphones include: LG Connect 4G, LG Esteem, Samsung Galaxy Attain 4G
  • $70 per month 4G LTE with MetroSTUDIO Video On Demand (unlimited talk, text, and data. Unlimited multimedia streaming and MetroSTUDIO Video On Demand) plus unlimited Rhapsody Unlimited Music - available smartphones include: LG Connect 4G, LG Esteem, Samsung Galaxy Attain 4G

metro pcs


Metro PCS Coverage Map:

metro pcs coverage map

We urge you to visit the official Metro PCS interactive coverage map on their site here. You can check their detailed 4G LTE coverage maps for the areas where you plan on using your smartphone.


2012 Updated Listings:


Huawei Activa 4G


LG Connect 4G

metro pcs smartphones

  • Price: $349

LG Esteem

lg esteem prepaid smartphone from metro pcs

  • Price: $349

Samsung Galaxy Attain 4G

metro pcs smartphone samsung attain

  • Price: $249

BlackBerry Curve 8530

pay as you go blackberry curve 8530

  • Price: $149

HTC Wildfire S

htc wildfire s prepaid

  • Price: $119

Samsung Admire

samsung admire prepaid smartphone

  • Price: $79

ZTE Score M

zte score m metro pcs smartphones

  • Price: $79

Samsung Admire Red

pay as you go samsung admire red

  • $79

Huawei M835 tokidoki Edition

metro pcs pay as you go smartphones

  • $59

Huawei M835

  • $49







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metro pcs prepaid smartphones

MetroPCS News Updates

  • Thanks to the T-Mobile buyout, there are a few new smartphones which run on the T-Mobile 4G network. The new phones are LG Optimus L9 ($149), Samsung Exhibit ($129) and the Samsung Galaxy S3. These phones will currently work in Boston, Las Vegas, and Hartford.
lg optimus l9
  • Great news if you are looking at using MetroPCS because you can now bring your own phone. Bring your unlocked GSM phone including an AT&T iPhone or Android smartphone. So far this is available for people living in Boston, Dallas, Hartford and Las Vegas. If you are wondering about a particular phone and if it will be compatible, there is a tool you can use to check compatibility here.
  • The T-Mobile and Metro PCS merger that happened recently? Well T-Mobile is keeping the brand alive and separate. That said, T-Mobile is trying to move MetroPCS customers to the T-Mobile network. To make this happen quicker, there will be T-Mobile compatible phones sold at Metro PCS locations by the end of the year. No word on pricing changing, so you can relax on that for now!
  • A new 4G LTE smartphone is available. The Huawei Premia 4G is a 4-inch (800 x 480) display, 1.5GHz dual-core CPU, 1GB RAM and 5-megapixel rear camera, and costs $149.
  • If you're a music lover you'll love this Metro PCS news. For $5 per month you can stream as many songs from Rhapsody's 16 million song playlist as you desire.
  • There are 3 new data plans at metroPCS. In 2013, they will have a $40, $50 and $60 plans. For $40/month you get unlimited talk and text plus 500MB of data at 4G speeds and after that get used up, you drop to 3G speeds. The $50/month plan gets you 2.5MB of 4G data plus the standard unlimited data and text. If you buck up $60 per month you get unlimited 4G data, text, and voice.
  • Another 4G LTE smarphone is being added to Metro PCS. You can get the ZTE Anthem for $219 after a mail-in rebate. (source: CNET)
  • New 4G LTE smartphone has been added to the Metro PCS line-up. You can get the Samsung Galaxy S Lightray 4G. Price: $460. It's a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED screen with 1GHz processor. It has Android 2.3 Gingerbread, 8MP rear camera with LED flash, 1.3MP front facing camera. It's the first Metro PCS phone that has 4G LTE mobile hotspot.
  • For an undetermined time, you can signup for the 4G LTE prepaid plan for $55/month. That provides you unlimited everything really. If you stay with MetroPCS you can stay at the $55/month price. As mentioned during a CNET interview, the Metro PCS president suggested that people can save $2,200 over a two year contract when compared to other carriers.
  • MetroPCS has just released the Coolpad Quattro 4G Android smartphone to its line-up. It runs Android Gingerbread 2.3. It's relatively basic and includes the following: 4-inch screen, 1 GHz processor, 480x800 pixels, 3.2MP camera, microSD slot, Bluetooth, GPS, 1600mAh battery, VGA front facing camera and that 4G LTE speed. Check out the cnet review here.
  • The 4G LTE Huawei Activa 4G is now available from Metro PCS at a price of $149 with a limited time mail in rebate. It's not going to give you long battery life (expect about 4 hours of talk time) and doesn't come with a super fast processor. The price however is the main selling point. The specs include Android 2.3 Gingerbread, 3.53-inch screen, 480 x 320 pixel density, 5MP camera with flash, includes a 4GB microSD which comes with Kung Fu Panda 1 and is expandable up to 32GB. Check out full details here.
  • Metro PCS is currently (as of March 2012) looking to release a prepaid Android smartphone for just $99. They are also working on getting Android smartphones in the line-up for just $149.
  • Metro PCS is seeking more 4G spectrum to maintain LTE speeds and meet growing demand and data hungry customer base.
  • As of Summer 2011, 25% of Metro PCS customers used smartphones. That growth continues in 2012. Read more on CNET.







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