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Overview Of H2O Wireless: We just recently added H2O Wireless and honestly they are impressive. We realize they have an issue with their name as some people refer to them as H20 and not H2O. See the difference? It's H 2 O (letter O)and not H 2 zero. Hope that makes sense to you. I'm sure as they become more established their name will become clearer to most people.

The have perhaps the best website for information and details. It's not complicated and you might be happy to know they use AT&T coverage. Their website is worth a visit because they have all the information you need and most likely have answers to ANY question you might have. Looking to use a prepaid iPhone? They have a guide for that. Looking to use an Android smartphone? They have a guide for that. In fact they have tutorials and settings guides to help you set up most of the unlocked GSM smartphones.

H2O Coverage Map: We like the fact that H2O has an interactive coverage map on their site. Some of the more popular prepaid companies have rinky dink images of coverage. How can you be confident unless you can put in an address and see details coverage maps of the area which you will be using your phone? I think you agree with us! Here is a link to the H2O coverage map.

coverage map for h2o wireless
This is what we like. This is the interactive H2O coverage map. Click here to visit.


H2O Prepaid Data Plans: If you can manage your usage and really budget yourself, you can use the $40 monthly plan. It only comes with 100MB of data which is pretty much useless when using a smartphone. For $50/month, you can get 500MB of data which is decent, but not fantastic. If you pay $60/month you can get 1GB of data which is going to allow you more and enjoyable use of your smartphone. With the modest data in their plans, you should consider how often you can get internet access via wifi. Afterall in most metropolitan areas you can find free wifi in various coffee shops and restaurants.

 data plans h2o wireless

h2o wireless

Current Prepaid Smartphones From H2O:

You aren't limited to just the smartphones the H2O offers. Their selection is limited at the moment. With that said, you can bring over any smartphone so long as it meets the following criteria: AT&T and FCC approved GSM 850/900/1900, dual, tri, or quad-band, unlocked GSM Phone. Yes this includes the gamut of Android smartphones and yes the iPhone also! It's just a matter of getting the H2O sim card and putting it into the unlocked smartphone. There are plenty of tutorials on the H2O website so it's easy to set up the phone to start using data.

Regarding their phones selection, H20 does have some cheaper options with various refurbished models and bundle packages.

iPhone 3GS Refurbished Bundle - $199
Motorola Bravo Bundle - $199
iPhone 3GS 8GB - $170
Motorola Flipside - $140
HTC Status - $115
Sharp FX Plus - $79



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h2o wireless

Current H2O News:

Note: You can use any AT&T GSM unlocked smartphone on H2O. The following list are the smartphones available on the H2O website. You can buy an unlocked smartphone elsewhere and use on the H2O plans.







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