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Overview: Cricket Wireless has become a well known and trusted prepaid brand. They are now starting into the Android prepaid smartphones which is a great trend for consumers. The two big name phones are the iPhone 5 and the recently announced Samsung Galaxy S4. You might find that some models are not available in your area such as the BlackBerry Curve 8530 or Huawei Ascend 2.

The biggest news yet from Cricket Wireless is their recent announcement that they will offer the prepaid iPhone 5.

If you love listening to music then Cricket Wireless may have what you're looking for. They have a smartphone plan, Muve Music, which is essentially unlimited music and ringtown downloading.

Cricket Wireless Plans:

Cricket is poised to take on the compeitition and they are starting an agressive campaign to show their prices in comparison to the competition.


cricket pay as you go smartphone listings

Samsung Vitality

samsung vitality smartphone


ZTE Score

zte score cricket wireless smartphone


Huawei Ascend 2

cricket wireless smartphones


BlackBerry Curve 8530



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Cricket Wireless News

  • You can get the best smartphone on the market, the Samsung Galaxy S4, starting June 6 for around $600.
  • Big news with a new Cricket prepaid plan. There is a new family plan which is $40 each, per month. With that you get unlimited, text, voice and data. Well, after you use 1GB of data you will be throttled to a slower speed up until the end of your billing period. Also there is a new iPhone prepaid plan which means a $50 family plan, a plan with 2.5GB of data for $60 or 5GB of data for $70. Those come with unlimited international messaging also. More details here.
  • Cricket has just added a new Android smartphone, the Engage LT. This phone is made by ZTE, and is available now for $179.99. Quick specs include: Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, 4-inch display, a single-core 1GHz processor, 1GB RAM, 4GB internal storage, 3.2-megapixel rear camera and VGA front-facing camera. See details here.
  • HTC One SV 4G is the newest smartphone to join the line-up. It has Android 4.0 and comes with a 1.2GHz Snapdragon S4 processor. It's 4.3-inch Super LCD 2 display. Check out a hands-on video from It's available online for a price of $330 which isn't bad at all considering it's the most powerful smartphone in their line-up so far.
  • prepaid iPhone 5 is coming to Cricket Wireless at the end of September 2012. Price not yet official.
  • The Huawei Ascend Q is now part of the line-up at Cricket. It's a decent smartphone and includes the following specs: 800MHz processor, 3.2-inch display, 3.2 MP camera,4GB microSD which can support up to 32GB. It's at a price of $139.99. More details on
  • Cricket prepaid smartphone are now available at 1,200 Kmart location across the nation. Since you'r wanting a smartphone, they will have the Muve Music Smartphone Plan which gives you unlimited song downloads rindtones and ringback tones, nationwide calling, unlimited text, picture video messaging and 3G mobile data for $55 per month. They have the ZTE Score at $129 or the Samsung Vitality $199 available.
    -- Official Press Release
  • Target stores across America will be carrying the Samsung Vitality and ZTE Score smartphones. A total of 1,600 Target stores will have these priced at $99 for the Vitality and $69 for the ZTE Score. These two phones will be available with the Muve Music data plan which costs $55 per month. That smartphone plan gets you unlimited song downloads, ringtones, and ringback tones, as well as nationwide calling; unlimited text, picture, video messaging and 3G mobile data; mobile video; data back-up, and 411 assistance.
    -- LeapWireless


About Cricket Wireless:

Cricket is the pioneer and leader in delivering innovative value-rich prepaid wireless services with no long-term contracts serving approximately 6 million customers. Cricket offers wireless voice and mobile data services over the latest, high-quality, all-digital 4G (LTE) and 3G CDMA wireless networks. In 2011, Cricket launched its award-winning Muve MusicĀ® product, the first music service designed for a wireless phone that now has more than 600,000 customers. Cricket's innovative products and services are available at Cricket branded retail stores, dealers, national retailers and at




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